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Important facts to know about putting brand response marketing to work

​Exclusively for your practice and your success!

  • 4BrandQuadrant

  • 4BrandQuadrant

  • Nine-Month and One-Year Exclusive Territory Licensing Contracts available for all branded marketing services.

    • Online (digital) new-patient & lead generation

    • Complete Practice Marketing

    • Dental Implant Marketing

    • Same-day dental implant marketing

    • Oral Appliance Therapy Marketing

    • Cosmetic- Botox & Juvederm (Facial Aesthetics) Marketing.

    • Online (social media) new patient acquisition & lead generation

    • Complete practice marketing with branded services

    • Complete practice marketing PLUS branded service marketing

    • Online new patient acquisition/ lead generation PLUS complete practice marketing

    • Online new patient acquisition/lead generation PLUS branded service marketing

  • No. Professional sales/marketing resources provided via live Info-Line 24/7 .

  • $3.9K- $15K depending on practice size, location and marketing radius.

  • 3-4 weeks depending on the scope of the (fully customized) program required.

    • All monthly marketing programs are paid for on the first of each month with a  pre-approved credit card on file at DDM.

    • Business checks are accepted if received no later than the first of each month. (Credit cannot be extended for postage-related expenses).