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What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing is a long-term business strategy that focuses on building a continually growing base of loyal customers by establishing clear and distinctive communications that create awareness, recognition, and trust, and highlight a brand’s identity and value in meaningful and engaging ways. Over time, consistent and diverse advertising activities across various marketing channels build the bridge between the company, the brand, and the consumer that leads to the desired relationship.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Response Marketing is a method designed to elicit a prompt response by encouraging consumers to take a specific action. Direct response campaigns typically project a sense of urgency by utilizing scarcity (“Appointments are limited”), time limits (“offer good this month only”), and price incentives as compelling factors. Direct response advertising is circulated across a range of marketing platforms, including print, digital, electronic, email, and social media, and its effectiveness is easily tracked.

What is Brand Response Marketing?

Brand Response Marketing is a combination of brand marketing and direct-response advertising delivered through a single campaign over multiple marketing channels. A brand is utilized to draw consumer attention and interest by differentiating a product or service from similar offerings, and the direct response approach creates a call-to-action in tandem with that interest. Typically, the direct response aspect will generate short-term business and profit, while the brand creates and maintains awareness and trust, resulting in a perpetual cycle of consumer recognition and response.


What is Brand Response Dental Marketing?

Developed by ProBrand®, Brand Response Dental Marketing enables dentists to market their dental implant, cosmetic dentistry and sleep medicine treatments under exclusive brand names that create attention, establish recognition, and attract discerning new patients- while at the same time truly differentiating their services from those of their competitor’s…

Differentiate Your Services From those of Your Competitors!


Probrand® now offers the dental practitioner the opportunity to harness the power of Brand Response Marketing to drive the growth of their practices to new heights month after month. We currently offer four licensed dental marketing brand names and a complete range of superior dental marketing programs and services- on an exclusive basis- to make your brands of service and your practice stand head and shoulders above your competition…

Brand Response Dental Marketing will showcase your professionalism, competence, and high support standards in ways the other practices in your marketplace simply cannot. The ProBrand® platform of brands, tools and programs combine everything any dentist could ever need or want to own their market and experience growth without competition in today’s challenging business environment

How to Own Your Market

Discover how easily you can OWN your market with Brand Response Dental Marketing from PROBRAND®


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