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PROBRAND® Dental Marketing was created to help dental practices strategically out-market their competitors in our tech-driven, multi-sensory, consumer-centric world.

DDM Arlington

Today’s one-size-fits-all dental marketing solutions do not in fact fit all . . .

. . .and It’s no longer enough to try and seem more relevant than other dentists in today's ultra-competitive marketing space.

PROBRAND® represents the culmination of a fortuitous meeting of the minds that occurred nearly 30 years ago, when DDM, Inc, then in its relative infancy was contacted by Dr. Ira Stier of Arlington Dental Associates, Poughkeepsie NY.

Being of the dental profession for only a few years himself, Dr. Stier was at the time seeking unique ways to promote his practice and generate more new patients. Unfortunately, up to that point and despite his best efforts, “unique” had been hard to come by, and growth was moderate at best…

Meanwhile, the Greene/Sarhadi collaborative at DDM was busy forging their own reputation- cranking out creatively branded retail marketing campaigns that overcame indifference and activated the consumer on a level that few agencies could equal. DDM’s combined marketing and design intellect were primarily responsible for these game-changing marketing promotions that continually stood up to the many competitive challenges our clients- none of which were dentists- faced in the marketplace.

DDM and Arlington clicked- sharing much the same entrepreneurial spirit, atypical thinking, and aggressive business perspectives- and it was decided that DDM would apply its sales and design savvy to the betterment of Arlington Dental and Ira Stier DDS, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ira Stier
With the aid of Dr. Stier’s extensive dental knowledge and know-how, DDM created and executed the first of many dental marketing programs for Arlington, employing a distinctive combination of direct and brand response marketing in ways that established a clear and compelling contrast between Arlington Dental and their competitors. This initial new marketing program was not only unique to Arlington, but nothing quite like it had been seen in the dental industry, period.

Arlington’s continuous use of this unique dental marketing program resulted in ceaseless growth month after month, year after year- with only simple revisions and design changes required to keep the program fresh and productive.

Over the next few years, “if it ‘ain't broke, don’t fix it” was the rule, and the program’s continued use enabled a second Arlington location to be established. This new office, driven by a continuously growing influx of new patients offered more extensive and advanced dental procedures, including, of course, dental implants.

Decades of Unique Marketing Initiatives

DDM and Arlington Dental collaborated on numerous other advanced marketing programs over the ensuing 20 years ranging from direct mail/kiosk/website integration and dental rewards programs (before there were such things), to community outreach programs and dental sleep medicine initiatives. Throughout this entire period, monthly use of the original 4-page marketing piece- that drove all the success and opened all the new doors- continued.

Fast-forwarding to 2014, DDM and Dr. Stier began exploring the idea of marketing branded dental services as a way of leveling the playing field and surpassing certain competitors who were using very aggressive and questionable marketing tactics. At the time, brand marketing- while not foreign to the dental industry- was definitely unknown and untried by dentists running their own practices.

As competition for dental implant patients was reaching new heights, DDM and Arlington co-developed the first of our branded Dental Services, Instant Implants® Same-Day Teeth Replacement. Consumer reaction to this Brand Response Marketing was immediate, and literally waves of implant consults and cases flooded the practice on a weekly and monthly basis.

After three years of great test marketing results- (year-to-year increases of 50-70% in new implant cases) it became abundantly clear that Brand Response Marketing had a real place in the dental industry, and we set about establishing ProBrand® Dental Marketing to fully develop this proven-successful dental marketing game-changer for Arlington.

As of summer 2021, Dr. Stier has sold his practice after an incredible 40-year run, and our decades-long affiliation continues with him in an advisory role. We are now introducing Brand Response Marketing to the dental community at large- offering the same unique program, dynamic results and amazing marketing edge Dr. Stier enjoyed for so many years- to dental practices throughout the US. As one story ends, another begins. Perhaps the next new story will be about YOU and your long reign as the most recognized and successful dentist/dental implant specialist within 30+ miles of YOUR office.

We certainly hope so!

About DDM, Inc.

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Our History

DDM, Inc. came on the scene over 30 years ago, employing a unique and fearless blend of salesmanship, marketing savvy, and creative excellence to effectively raise the bar for influence marketing in the retail and professional service verticals nationwide.

To this day we continue to specialize in producing creatively branded marketing campaigns that overcome indifference, activate the consumer, and deliver a direct, impactful response. Our design intellect and strategic thinking have enabled us to provide game-changing marketing programs and brand relationships that have endured the test of time.

Our Approach

We utilize a distinctive combination of direct and brand response marketing, creatively blending these two (traditionally separate) approaches in inventive ways that establish a clear and compelling contrast between our client’s services and those of their competitors.

As the birth of start-ups and the restructuring of existing companies increased the demand for dynamic marketing specialization, our unique approach and results that ensued became increasingly sought after, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our Legacy

In the early 2000s, DDM® became a trademarked service brand as our unrivaled type of marketing became a true force in retail and professional services marketing. Since then, the marketing communications industry has been consistently promoting the value and virtues of integrated thinking and execution, which enables us to keep our work fresh, compelling and effective, and the DDM® brand as meaningful as ever.

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"30 years of consequential brand response
and direct marketing innovation"