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GUIDES Marketing Vol 1​​

Description: This Beginners Guide contains advanced yet very practical ideas for Dental Marketing in the modern day. The Guide is perfect for any Dental marketer looking for practical ways to grow their market share and footprint. The Guide was developed with the help of practicing Dental Professionals facing similar business challenges. ​This is a live document page that is regularly updated. Please let us know if you found this guide helpful.

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About This Guide

First, Some Transparency is Prudent.

In this Guide, you'll discover common Dental Marketing mistakes and how to prevent them. Any Professional or Dental Marketer can benefit from this information and use these ideas to improve their brand and “branding” practices.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Following conventional marketing is killing your brand and undermining your efforts.
  • Doing more of the same in a growth market actually produces less and fewer results.
  • Changes in the landscape and why you should stop and take notice.
  • How a small paradigm shift can lead to massive and positive alterations to your end result.

This Guide is a small token of our years of experience. We wanted to keep this Guide condensed but we also felt it was necessary to allow it to grow as needed. Therefore, we made this Guide as a “live” resource. We intend to keep updating this Guide with new discoveries, changes in consumer behavior, etc. relating to Dental services.

In the process, we will introduce you to PROBRAND™ for Dental marketing and branding.

You will also learn about:

  • Who we are.
  • Why PROBRAND™ Dental Marketing was created.
  • Why the PROBRAND™ Dental Marketing Platform is a total game changer for you.
  • How to increase your market share by utilizing PROBRAND™ exclusive Dental programs.

Over the years, we’ve learned that facts and truths aren’t always on the same page. Having book smarts is great, but you also need some street smarts to get the job done. Usually, a great deal of smarts comes by way of hands-on experience (failures and successes). This Guide is based on field experience gathered from active Dental professionals.

We know there are many other reputable resources that can provide you with better analysis and research. We whole-heartedly support all forms of research and we also utilize such resources internally. But, because the sheer volume of reference materials is so vast, no one actually has time to make use of it to any significant degree. It’s just information.

We wanted this Guide to give you the street smarts you need (without having to dedicate an entire afternoon) and the tools you need to “get the job done”.

Finally, no one knows your practice better than you do. At the end of the day, we’re not in the market reporting business but we are in the business of helping root out some of the same obstacles plaguing other Dental professionals in the field.

We hope you find this guide a little amusing, but most of all, seriously beneficial to your professional career.

Feel free to share this Guide with friends or colleagues you think may benefit.


Is This Guide For Advanced Users?

Absolutely Not.

This guide is for any Dentist or Dental Marketer interested in advancing their brand of Dentistry.

Advanced usually implies some type of pre-requisite or higher learning - Usually some schooling in the basic understanding of concepts, methods, ideas and hopefully some experiential knowledge of the topic.

These observations, opinions and recommendations, whether tangible or otherwise, require at least some level of market intelligence or hands-on experience in marketing dental services to be fully appreciated, understood and applied. Most Dentists do. But if you are new to dental marketing, you may not yet recognize some of the symptomatic concerns discussed in this guide facing today's Dentists. But if you are not new to dental marketing, then you will totally get it.

If you are lacking in experience or don't yet have marketing statistics of your own, drawing the right conclusions may prove to be difficult and you may even miss the point of some examples. But again, if you are a seasoned Dental professional with some practical field knowledge, you will find this guide to be practically enlightening and the missing link in taking your practice to a whole new level.

Finally, solutions and methods described, assume that setting a higher standard for your practice is also your underlying motivation. Higher standards usually mean going against what is generally accepted and raising the bar. This part of the equation takes a bit of courage because it often means breaking away from the herd.

If you are a Dental professional who is deeply passionate about Dentistry but tired of the same old uninspiring marketing programs that frankly, seem to lower your professional standards . . . and if you’ve tried everything everyone else has, yet deep down you know there has to be a better more professional way to market your practice, this guide is for you.


How This Guide Was Born

It started way back when.

As, early adopters of brand response marketing (which simply defined, is a strategic marketing approach where brand building drives response, and this response, in turn, builds the brand, creating a perpetual active cycle), having to create dozens of national campaigns, led to the discovery that building brands and driving sales weren’t mutually exclusive activities. In fact, by the mid-’90s we started blending brand response characteristics into our direct marketing programs with great success.

Over the years, the marketing communications industry has continued to promote the values and virtues of this type of integrated thinking and execution. In doing so, the industry has evolved into a robust environment for Brand Response Marketing and continues as a sustainable form of marketing that delivers throughout the entire time horizon.

During the late nineties, DDM created programs that were a seamless blend of both types of activities that could be delivered through a single campaign. This unique combination successfully drove response (both short and long term) for client’s, while establishing a brand distinction. Our special sauce was paying off.

As a result, in the early 2000s, DDM™ became a trademarked brand as our unique type of marketing became a real force in the retail and professional service verticals.


For the past twenty-five years, DDM has contributed significantly towards the evolution of dental service markets by recognizing marketing challenges and meeting those challenges with creative solutions that are distinctly effective in delivering both profits and relevancy for a brand.


DDM Does it Again.

Once again, DDM has taken a leading role in the communication industry by being one of the first to recognize the challenges of the current dental marketplace and to provide solutions for the professional practitioner trying to remain relevant in a fatigued and overpopulated market.


New Demands Create New Opportunities

DDM Kicks Off The PROBRAND Dental Marketing platform.

Believe it or not, the dental promotion market presents some of the greatest marketing opportunities seen in recent decades. But when you look around, there are hardly any resources that recognize these new opportunities or even talk about them. It’s as if they’re asleep.

The Dental Services market is expanding at a rapid pace...the numbers are there. You can choose to look at them or choose to ignore them. Because reality is not intuitive, many have chosen to ignore them. Professionals are just too busy to stop and notice changes in people’s attitudes and behaviors and how they have changed over the years. As more and more new practices open each year, people continue to become more and more fatigued by their continued, “me-too”, and call to action promotions . . . the message is drowned in an ocean of similarity.

There is a real demand - for real change.

To meet this market demand for effective Brand Response Marketing, DDM launched the PROBRAND™ Dental Marketing platform- a real paradigm shift in dental marketing. For the first time, Dentists will have integrated choices when marketing their practice. PROBRAND™ gives Dentists the ability to compete and win with unique advantages.

The PROBRAND™ Advantage

  • PROBRAND™ Gives Dental professionals accessibility to the kinds of tools and programs required to seize NEW opportunities in Dentistry.

  • PROBRAND™ Changes the paradigm of how market share is expanded through brand exclusivity while maintaining the highest professional standards.

  • PROBRAND™ Offers exclusive bolt-on programs to create new profit centers in new market opportunities while supporting and integrating with the existing core of service.

  • PROBRAND™ Programs enable you to brand your passion for Dentistry and your service credo - into the distinct deliverable product consumers need and want.

  • PROBRAND™ Releases a practice from having to compete in shrinking markets for the same targets as other competing Dental services.

  • PROBRAND™ Provides brand exclusivity in markets that are free of bottom-feeding dental practices - eliminates the need to compete.

  • PROBRAND™ Raises standards for discerning professionals seeking alternatives to the traditional low-professional-standard form of promoting their brand.


Recognizing The New Opportunities

There's nothing new under the sun.

Unfortunately for the Dentist today, there haven't been any NEW, BETTER, DIFFERENT or DISTINCT dental marketing programs in decades- Remember when the internet first became the go-to marketing tool, and the rush to be the king of the SERP (search engine results page) first began? - That's how long it's been!

Although the dental business has gone through some changes over the years, some aspects of Dentistry, like dental marketing, have remained very much the same.

Changes in the business including increased competition and acquisition costs for new patients, lower insurance disbursements, and the perpetual race to the pricing floor has created an environment of constant short-term cycles which include daily, weekly and monthly targets.

Quarterly reports have now become a "long-term" perspective. Fresh Dentists gracing the scene filled with a passion for Dentistry soon end up having to choose between the quality Dentistry they envisioned and the realities of the herd marketplace their senior peers have already accepted as part of the business.

All is not lost, however. There’s still time to prep for the coming storm. The bright side is that these economic changes and the downward pressure on marketing budgets over the past decades have created the perfect storm. There’s an unprecedented need for sustainable brand-centric dental marketing strategies - Yes, consumers are hungry.

This Lack of innovation in marketing dental services has created:

  • Unprecedented marketing vacuum.
  • Heightened consumer expectations
  • Brand authority and leadership opportunities
  • Under-marketed advances in technologies
  • Untapped ancillary service markets
  • Ease of vertical market dominance

It is a new era of opportunity in Dental Marketing and The PROBRAND™ platform of tools and programs combine everything any Dentists would ever need to thrive in today’s new economy.

It’s time to retool your whole concept of marketing and help yourself to these new markets before someone else does.


How to Seize This New Opportunity

In the beginning, marketing was segregated into two schools;

  1. Long term strategic brand building activities
  2. Short term results through an increase in sales prospects or actual sales

These two activities are still considered the strategic cornerstones of campaign building. But, if these are cornerstones, why aren’t we seeing a corresponding mountain of successes across the board? Anyone applying these activities to any degree should be experiencing a corresponding level of success? Why are the majority of these campaigns abandoned soon after birth? To answer these questions, we need to go back to the two schools.

Back in the day, life was much simpler. Whether your marketing was short term or long-term didn’t matter much. In those days, as long as you were doing “something”, both activities worked well enough to keep replenishing the pipeline.

Unfortunately, times have changed. With so many fingertip choices and options, consumers hop on and off faster than a chicken on a hot plate. Today’s campaigns are short-lived. Loyalty is scarce in this ocean of similarity . . . and the campaigns that lack long-term objectives gradually fade away and die. But why?

Most Dentists agree that doing nothing is probably a bad idea. But on the other hand, they have experienced that chasing short-term results only keeps them on the hamster wheel, while long-term campaigns just burn cash-flow and retard growth. It’s a real quandary.

The problem here is not so much the choice of activities but the way these activities are executed. For one thing, both activities are believed to be a matter of "either-or." Most Dentists and agencies primarily focus on one or the other. This is usually dictated by what the Dentist can justify at the time as a budget and in almost all cases the future is sacrificed for the present.

Dentists opt-out of long term strategies for many reasons like fear of failure, lack of confidence in the plan, past experience or just plain budgetary reasons to name just a few. Every Dentist has a story. Long term budgets are seldom instituted, therefore the short cycle is a perpetual wash-rinse-repeat.

The truth is that without a deliberate integrated strategy, both types of marketing (short or long) are doomed eventually anyway. Has this been your experience? It’s very rare to find a cohesive integrated plan executed through a meaningful marketing campaign. If you happen to come across such a campaign you probably wouldn’t even recognize it.

At the same time, competition is rising:

“Overall employment of dentists is projected to grow 19% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for dental services will increase as the population ages. Many members of the aging baby-boom generation will need dental work.”
Bureau of Labor Statistics.

. . . It is becoming increasingly critical to creating programs that are designed to create profits as well as future relevance for the practice to continue its growth.

That is why the DDM secret sauce has always been campaign integration.
In our opinion; “Short-term strategies must also build long term benefits, conversely, long term benefits must provide immediate sustainable results.”


Break Out to Break In

Raising your standards + Your bottom line

As mentioned earlier, there hasn’t been anything new in marketing dental service in decades and what is being accepted today as “Dental Marketing” is nothing more than the evolution of dental marketing as defined and refined by the dental community itself. It created itself.

How? In the Dental Community, everyone imitates each other. Marketing activities tend to remain conservative and creative ideas are often shunned for fear of reputation. Therefore, peers routinely borrow or steal campaign ideas, clever slogans, designs and even offers from each other. As long as someone else has already tested the waters, it winds up in circulation. It’s the herd market mentality where there is no clear leadership and brand distinction is blurred like a beach of penguins. Now, It wouldn’t be fair to exclude marketing agencies here, as they have been more than willing to take the money asleep at the wheel.

While the same can be said for other fields as well, nowhere is it more germane as the Dental Marketing space, where years of ‘blurring’ (more on this later) have pureed everyone into cliches of themselves (same penguins but with mirrors).

Today, Advanced Dental Marketing means breaking away from the herd and changing the paradigm. Doing something positively unique, yet something that is difficult to imitate by competitors. This may sound like a tall order but keep in mind that the alternative is remaining where you are by continuing to do the same thing as everyone else. Let's face it, your practice is not going to magically transform itself into a distinctive brand by imitating or engaging in out-dated strategies of the community. They mean well but advancing your practice is going to require a lot more than their capability.

In this case, “Advanced” doesn’t necessarily mean difficulty of the process, but the difficulty involved in breaking traditions and habits that prevent you from advancing. Dentists have been conditioned into these habits (as we’ll discuss later). To “Advance”, in this context, means being truthful about your real experiences, to face current realities and possibly take a few lumps in the process. But most of all, Advancing means having the fortitude to get off the ship while everyone else is still sailing.

You’ll be happy to know that as you read this guide, certain things will jump out and you may have an ‘aha’ moment to confirm you’re on the right track. And, if by chance, you happen to already know everything in this guide, that's OK too and should serve as some kind of confirmation for you.

In order to set our sights on better solutions and raise our professional standards, we'll need to look at a few examples of the types of herd-marketing that is prevalent in the dental marketing space. The following are only a handful of examples of what to avoid and the reasoning behind the choices. Nevertheless, we need to shine a light on these types of "marketing" in order to distinguish low-standard "brand" marketing from true high-standard professional brand marketing achievable with the PROBRAND™ platform. See if you recognize any of these as the types of messaging you've seen or possibly may have engaged in.

Let's examine three common types we've titled:

  1. Falling For Bad Practice
  2. Being Superior vs. Superior Being
  3. The Chairside Manner Conundrum 

1. Falling for Bad Practice

What's The Difference?

To begin, we need to be clear about the definition of brand and branding.

  1. Brand” - A type of product or service manufactured or provided by a particular company, business or individual under a specific name which creates validity and trust by increasing the perceived value of a product or service or the provider of either or both.
    - The Oxford Dictionary

  2. Branding” - Name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combinations of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or a group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.
    -American Marketing Association.

Now that we have “the official” definitions, let's examine a typical dental marketer’s definition of branding which mostly involves projecting a particular identity or image of the client Dentist in an attempt to differentiate that Dentist from other Dentists.

You've most likely seen a variety of these types of depictions. Dental marketers frequently perceive Dentists as "brands" and therefore, proceed to identify them in the form of graphics, verbiage, and photos.
What's wrong with that you ask? . . . Plenty . . . we'll get to that.

In dental marketing, spotting trends and changes in behavior patterns are like finding gold. But, unless you know what to look for you won’t be able to spot differences because of the elephant effect (familiarity with the surroundings blinds you from spotting the elephant).

This conventional practice (sacred cow) is not surprising when you consider the level of marketing sophistication that is afforded Dentists from most agencies is typically based on the agency's knowledge, concepts, tools, level of creativity and critical thinking ability. This practice is then followed by continued attempts to differentiate that same Dentist from another like Dentist based on the same exact criteria. Does no one question this?  Remember the penguin with the mirrors?

When you stop and compare one Dentist's marketing to that of the competitor, you'll discover similarities in methods, technologies, programs, channels, and tactics. Although some campaigns look different than others and are articulated in a grander fashion or flair . . . Aside from offering services that other Dentists don’t offer, there's hardly any differentiation at all. The only difference between one brand of Dentistry and another is merely the way they present themselves. That's it.

“Branding is not merely “Look & Feel” but your brand may have a look and feel.”

Have you seen other dental promotions other than your own?

Lack of new ideas and creative thinking has forced and conditioned most Dentists into submission - they use the same vehicles, channels, branding “strategies” and tactics. Their agency’s branding capabilities, and of course the Dentists' ability and willingness to spend as much or more than their competitors in their markets, is, for the most part, a "me-too" and "I'll see your experienced staff and raise you weekend hours" approach.


2. Being Superior vs. Superior Being

Don't get this mixed up - This can cost you.

Another extremely popular “differentiation” tactic is to portray the Dentist as somehow more superior than others. This one comes in many forms.

To illustrate this, as a Dentist, ask yourself:

  1. Are you projecting a superior perception of your practice OR
  2. Are you projecting the perception of being a superior practice?

Is this just word-play or actually two very distinct concepts which most Dentists get wrong?

Think about it.
See if you are able to identify this in your practice.

Based on what you (or your agency) are projecting in your marketing, the line between the two is easily blurred and misunderstood. This blurring effect neutralizes any potential effects of your “brand” of advertising. This slack-marketing is much easier to achieve compared to the challenge of genuinely persuading consumers that your practice is truly superior (if in fact it truly is).

Be Honest With Yourself:

Q: What differentiators does your practice have that your competitors don't?
A: Not many.

Q: How many differentiators are there between two or three or more Dentists?
A: Not many.

Q: Can you recall the last dental website that you thought; “This Dentist is really distinct from the others?”
A: Probably never.


    • Much of What they all do is the same.
    • Much of How they all do it is the same.

It's not surprising then, that most Dentists can't market beyond their commonalities (things they all have in common with each other) because in practically all cases, they don’t know what those differentiating factors are.. if any. Furthermore, as we’ve pointed out, there aren’t many.

Interestingly though, they will market the things that they DO have in common with other Dentists with great enthusiasm . . . go figure.

Does this make any sense?

Theoretically, a truly superior dental practice would have things that make it superior to others, like a Dentist that has superior training or performs various treatments utilizing superior methods or has higher success rates than others or uses superior equipment, or has superior people in support roles like superior hygienists. But, despite all of that superiority, there’s no way to actually substantiate they are superior in any convincing way other than perhaps through some online reviews.

More astonishing, many Dentists use the same words and phrases in claiming their “superior” practice is somehow also their “brand” - they expect the same words to “differentiate” them from other Dentists. It doesn't. If it were possible, every Dentist would be superior and that just isn’t the case.

The consequence is irreversible damage to consumer perception. Most people have become fatigued and view this sort for what it is - hype. The more you do it, the less they see you. Their conscious mind doesn’t see the elephants either.

The effects on the consumer is a continued erosion of trust. Repeating this sort of thing over and over undermines the very trust you are attempting to nurture. Marketing based on the “We’re Better” notion rarely produce favorable results and in most cases backfires. The lesson here is; these types of “branding” activities will eventually kill your brand.

Being Distinctly superior or Distinctly better is the Better way to go. This should be making sense by now.


  • Have you ever projected your "brand" as being superior or better or best?
  • If so - in what way have you considered your brand of service or practice as better or superior?
  • Can your competitors make the same claim?

Seeing elephants?


3. The Chairside Manner Conundrum

When does it matter?.

There's a lot of talk by agencies about the necessity for branding and differentiation in Dentistry. However, branding by the agency definition doesn’t always equal differentiation to the direct and tangible benefit of the Dentist.

In many cases, because of the nature of the service, the similarities between one practice and another coupled with the limited numbers and phrases that exist to say the same things in distinctly different ways, one Dentists’ brand blurs into the next. It seems, competing Dentists know how to be "better" and some even learn how to be "different", but rarely do they know how to be Distinct.

To illustrate this point, let's use the popular "Chairside Manner" differentiation.

A Dentists' chairside manner is a popular attribute and is widely used to distinguish one Dentist's "superiority" from another because who doesn’t want a Dentist with a great chairside manner?

Again, Here is the problem:

How do you describe chairside manner other than such words as gentle, caring, sensitive, understanding and so on? Even if you were creative in crafting new ways to make such a claim, in six months time, others will inevitably borrow it and help spread it into ineffectiveness.

Such words are frequently used to describe what would, in most people’s minds, convey good chairside manner. But what happens when the same words are used by competing Dentists to say the same thing? How will Dentists with genuinely excellent chairside manner differentiate themselves from other Dentists? The answer is they can't.

Therefore by virtue of this attribute being applied to whether it fits or doesn’t, its “worth” or, value, if you will, has been so depleted that it has become a negative label. Meaning, because it has become so “valueless”, it actually creates a negative impression (unprofessional pandering) . . . or otherwise, known as backfiring.

Worse, agencies take this even further by crafting these attributes into a branding strategy. A saturating amount of these types of references, words, phrases, and expressions exist practically everywhere. So much so that one brand of Dentistry sounds very much like another brand of Dentistry. How many ways can you say “you’ll love his chairside manner?"

Q: How’s your chairside manner?
A: It’s irrelevant.

Q: When does it matter?
A: Never. 


Brand Wars

Becoming a distinguishable brand.

Decades of slack marketing has created a very fatigued market. So, as a result, if you are willing to adjust your perspective just a little, and instead of viewing the current conditions as problems and instead look for any created opportunities, you’ll be amazed at how much is actually on the table waiting to be had . . . There's an ocean of opportunity.

But How?
Here are three simple things that can do that have immediate results.

  1. Distinguish Your Practice - Distinct brand leadership and authority are in high demand with consumers. By distinguishing your practice as a quality brand and driving that brand into newer profitable markets you can gain increased market share and footprint. The key is not following the crowd into obscurity by engaging in what they believe is “good practice”. Don’t get blurred!

  2. Be Consumer-Centric - Consumers are tired of hearing and seeing the same battles being fought over seemingly small pieces of turf. For a Dental professional, this is quite an embarrassing display. Consumers have very little respect and patience for the sort of endless marketing quips that cross their daily lives. What's even less professional and can be downright offensive are marketing pieces which rely on tired humor, underwhelming wit, and wordplay. Not professional

  3. Give Them Respect - If it’s one thing consumers really respect is a brand that respects them first. A brand of marketing that addresses what they need and want without insulting their intelligence. Be that brand! Don't insult their intelligence with over-inflated offers and "me-too-ism". Keep in mind, as unique as you think your offer is, they've seen and heard it all before. All they want is someone who knows what they're doing and does it with painlessly (financially and otherwise).


There's More

News flash from the past decade; consumers have become more informed, more responsive and more loyal to brands they trust. You don’t need tactics to succeed, You need new markets.

Furthermore, as educated consumers, they are proving to be more eager to talk about those brands as a result. There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth endorsements and for you to be in a position to benefit from this type of organic advertising is a priceless bonus.

Why leave all this gold on the table?

Since consumer loyalty is in direct relationship to brand distinction and the consumer's experience with that brand, all of this is very exciting news for the quality-driven practice. All you need is the right program.

"A recent survey of 14,700 adults in the United States, examining patterns of behavior across multiple different verticals. Across the board, 77 percent of consumers tend to return to their favorite brands over and over again. "
Forbes Magazine 2017

We're at a very special time in dental marketing history. A perfect storm for Dentists who recognize the opportunities. It's a perfect time for Dentists to leap-frog competitors by creating their own markets and effectively differentiate themselves as the quality practice consumers need and want.


Exclusivity - The New Paradigm

Going For It!

Now that you have a better idea of some of the challenges in striving to be BETTER, DIFFERENT and even DISTINCT - we reach the top of the mountain only to discover that it doesn’t end here.

We’ll explain:

We stressed the importance of trading superiority and difference for Distinction. How Distinction is what will empower your practice on all levels. How being distinct affords you the escape route from the ho-hum marketing activities every other practice is engaged in. How being distinct, allows you to play the market on your terms without the usual stigmas that plague competitors.

Now, we’re kicking it up a notch by stating that, although being distinct is the key, distinction has a power partner - Exclusivity!  The most powerful way in becoming absolutely distinct is to become . . . “Exclusively Distinct”.

Fortunately though, being exclusive anything is not as big of a challenge than overcoming the previous aforementioned attributes. You may be asking yourself, “How do I differentiate my practice in an ocean of similarity?” and “How do I become “Exclusively Distinct?”

Change the paradigm!

By marketing specific ancillary branded services that have a clearly identified market. Services provided EXCLUSIVELY by YOU in YOUR market on YOUR terms.

Marketing services that your competitor doesn't will actually create your own unique distinguishable market. The advantage in creating your own market is that it’s exclusively yours.

For example, did you know ancillary services are highly profitable, and grossly undermarketed by dental practices? Pinpointing the products and services that are ideal for your community of patients and marketing to those needs allows you to bypass the overpopulated "me-too" dental pool and build your patient base by cocooning services that they need and want. By creating your own exclusive markets you don’t have to be subjugated to killing your brand in the process. As a result, your marketing dollars flow to the appropriate targets rather than funding a marginal and unsustained future.

Become specialized by virtue of being exclusive. That’s smart.


Creating “Exclusively Distinct” Markets

Creating Exclusive & Distinct markets with The PROBRAND™ - Dental Marketing Platform.

PROBRAND™ was developed to help Dental practices establish distinctive brand authority through high-profit ancillary service markets. In today's ultra-competitive space, Dentists need to emotionally connect with their prospective patients with unique brands of service, that address their most essential life needs.

The PROBRAND™ platforms allow you to offer exclusive ancillary dental programs that are licensed for your practice. This means the programs you choose to offer are exclusively protected for your use. The PROBRAND™ brands of services guarantee against fatigue saturation and protect your investment against competing “Me-Toos”.

PROBRAND™ offers all the print and digital media products and services a professional Dentist would expect to support their current campaign commitments, plus licensed dental programs developed by top Dentists in the real world of Dentistry to add newer markets.

Four programs are currently available with additional programs in the pipeline.

  1. Instant Implants® - Same Day Teeth Replacement
  2. GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™
  3. Symmetry® - Advanced Facial Aesthetics
  4. Neuroxa™ - Advanced TMJ & Migraine Therapies (coming soon)

Because PROBRAND™ programs are licensed to individual Dental practice, not all markets may be available at the time of your inquiry. Be sure to contact us regarding your particular marketing zones to be sure it hasn’t already been licensed. See our website for more information or contact us directly to speak to one of our team members about programs available in your markets.


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