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Robust Community Members Portal

SKU: D300-COMM10
Community Add-Ons:

  • Free Training
  • Free Hosting for 12 Months
  • Custom configurations for your office

Additional Benefits
  • Excellent SEO investment
  • Highly indexed by Google™

Product Information:
Whether you realize it or not, your clientele is your community. Now you can harness the power of your community by creating and fostering a caring environment for members to share and support each other. Let your members grow your business for you. This social platform technology allows your members to share and support each other as they help expand your sphere of influence in your marketplace.

What is it?
This is a community platform for your clientele and is one of the best ways to establish and grow your own highly targeted and growing member base. Expandable automation technologies now make it easier than ever to tap into possibilities created by adding community service to your practice. Market your professional knowledge and skill by marketing your own community portal. Realize the long-term benefits and rewards of not only being able to influence your existing audience but benefiting from the impact of the influence on new members. 

Why communicate with your clients by sending cold emails when you can send them personalized messages through your own community portal. Every single effort you invest inside the portal creates a long-term ripple which goes a long way to build trust and loyalty while keeping communication open between each client member.

The best organic member automation solution that keeps on giving and growing your audience for years to come.