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About DDM Inc.

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The History

DDM Inc. constitutes a meeting of the minds that emerged 25 years ago, employing a unique and fearless blend of salesmanship, marketing savvy, and creative excellence to effectively raise the bar for influence marketing in the retail and professional service verticals nationwide.

“Making something out of nothing”, our founder’s most significant and enduring professional attribute remains to this day, the driver of the DDM® brand of marketing.

We specialize in producing creatively branded marketing campaigns that overcome indifference, activate the consumer, and deliver a direct, impactful response. Our design intellect and strategic thinking have enabled us to provide game-changing marketing programs and brand relationships that have endured the test of time.

The Approach

We utilize a distinctive combination of direct and brand response marketing, creatively blending these two (traditionally separate) approaches in inventive ways that establish a clear and compelling contrast between our client’s services and those of their competitors. As the birth of start-ups and the restructuring of existing companies increased the demand for dynamic marketing specialization, our unique approach and results that ensued became increasingly sought after, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Demand

In the early 2000s, DDM™ became a trademarked brand as our unrivaled type of marketing became a true force in retail and professional services marketing. Since then, the marketing communications industry has been consistently promoting the value and virtues of integrated thinking and execution, which enables us to keep our work fresh, meaningful and effective, and the DDM™ brand as meaningful as ever.

The Result

Year after year, in somewhat of an under-the-radar fashion, we’ve contributed significantly to dental practice success- always staying ahead of the curve to consistently help produce increased revenues, profitability and market share for our clients.

 We’ve recognized for some time now that a real problem exists (on account of) there is so little variation in what’s been offered by dental marketers over the past 15 years. The most glaring result of this is that in too many instances,  one dental practice appears to be much the same as the other, and it’s almost unavoidable. Almost.

We decided that this current state of affairs actually represents one of the best opportunities for practice growth seen in many years, so we’ve created a new DDM® program that changes the present dental marketing equation, and leads the way to a new level of success!

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Over 25 years of direct and brand response marketing success.

Direct From The Minds of DDM®

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product of DDM, Inc.

The State of Affairs

The Unfortunate Aspect of Today’s Dental Marketing.

There haven’t really been any NEW, BETTER, DIFFERENT or DISTINCTLY UNIQUE dental marketing techniques introduced to the industry in roughly 15 years, with the possible exception of expanded social media marketing.  Do you remember when the internet initially became the go-to marketing tool, the rush to the top of the first page of Google- regardless of cost, began in earnest, and SEO became the new Ten Commandments?  Believe it or not, nothing has come along since then in the form of a brand-new idea that’s broken the existing mold. While dentistry has gone through many significant changes over the years, dental marketing has not. Different ways of utilizing existing marketing channels have in fact been developed, but too many dental practices are forced into using the exact same channels in the exact same ways as their competitors, and the effectiveness of today’s programs are for many practices, questionable at best.

The Challenge

The daily challenges you face in the course of doing business- 

Increased competition (including corporate dental companies), higher acquisition costs for new patients, lower insurance disbursements and profits, and the perpetual race to the pricing floor, has created an environment of short-term cycles that involve daily, weekly and monthly targets. Quarterly reports have now become a "long-term" perspective.

The Opportunity

Hidden in Plain Sight.

Added competition (from individual and corporate dental practices), increased operating expenses, higher new patient acquisition costs, lower insurance disbursements and shrinking profits have created a perpetual race to the pricing floor, and an environment of short-term cycles that involve daily, weekly and monthly targets. In fact, quarterly reports have now become a "long-term" perspective.

These economic challenges and the ensuing downward pressure on marketing budgets has created an extraordinary need for sustainable brand-centric dental marketing strategies. The consumers are hungry, and the lack of innovation in dental marketing services has created

  • An unprecedented marketing vacuum
  • Heightened consumer expectations
  • Brand authority and leadership opportunities
  • Under-marketed advances in dental treatments
  • Untapped ancillary service marketing opportunities
  • Ease of vertical market dominance

The Solution

PROBRAND™ Dental Marketing will enable you to cash in on these existing market conditions, and cement your position as the go-to dental service provider in your market, regardless of your competition.

PROBRAND™ was developed to enable you to market your high-margin ancillary dental services under exclusive brand names that create attention, establish recognition and attract discerning new patients. In the process, you’ll truly differentiate your practice and your services from those of your competition.

The PROBRAND™ platforms provide you with three branded marketing programs that are licensed for use by your practice, and your practice only, in a protected marketing territory where the brands of dental service you choose to market under are exclusively yours.. PROBRAND™ marketing services thus guard against advertising fatigue and market saturation and protect your marketing investment against competing “Me-Too” dentists.

PROBRAND™ also offers all of the print and digital media products and services needed to support your current and future marketing requirements in addition to your PROBRAND™ campaigns. As part of our on-going support, PROBRAND™ will also develop private brand marketing for any dental service you would like branded to your practice and your market.


The Choice

There are currently three PROBRAND™ programs that are online and for you to choose from, with additional programs in the pipeline. Currently, active programs include:

Because PROBRAND™ programs are currently being licensed to individual dental practices, some markets may not be available at the time of your inquiry. Be sure to review this entire site thoroughly, and contact us with any questions you have regarding the products or the availability of your particular marketing zones. Connect with us via our website our for more information or contact us directly to speak to one of our team members about programs available in your markets.


The Decision . . .

PRO-BRAND Dental Marketing was created to aid dental practices such as yours strategically out- market your competitors in a tech-driven, multi-sensory, consumer-driven world. The one size fits all dental marketing solutions do not fit all, and It’s not enough to merely seem more relevant than your competition. In today's ultra-competitive space, dentists need to personally connect with their prospective patients, offering them unique personalized types (brands) of dental service that they trust will address their most essential life needs, and will eventually want and need.