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What is it?

GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ is an ancillary dental service brand which combines several remedies to successfully treat most sleep apnea symptoms. The use of a non-intrusive oral appliance is combined with other lifestyle techniques including weight loss and other corrective health measures to alleviate or eliminate teeth grinding, snoring and other serious sleeping disorders.


What will it do for my dental practice?

As a health professional, providing the GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ program is very much like investing in the health of the community. As an ancillary service to your dental menu, GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ can explode your patient base by creating the kinds of necessary user experience and trust that can only be created by actually engaging with your office.

GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ program creates profitable revenue streams of sleep patients while simultaneously creating a sustainable and perpetual source of dental cases by keeping you top-of-mind when they need other dental treatments and procedures.


Is there a Demand for this program?

You may already be familiar with or have existing patients prescribed with oral appliances, teeth guards and other popular methods of treating or alleviating the effects of certain sleeping disorders on oral health. Although there are many good types of treatments given the varying complexity of symptoms, there aren’t any flexible and trusted quality brand of treatments that consumers can immediately identify with. Simply put, there is a clear lack of leadership in brand identification when it comes to sleep disorder treatment.

Now you can profit from this void by offering the GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ simple 8 step program for alleviating or eliminating a problem affecting millions and millions of sufferers. Service your local market as the leading comprehensive oral health care provider. The demand for the GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ program is explosive.

How do I roll this program out in my area?

We’ve made launching your GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ program a cinch.

You’re not a cookie-cutter practice and neither are our programs, so we prefer to talk with you first to make sure we fully understand your needs and expectations. Of course, there’s never a fee, obligation or expectation of any commitment for calling us for information about this amazing program. First, be sure to secure your territory . . . see below.


Secure Your Territory

Now you can reserve up to 10 zip codes for 14 days.
Our programs are offered on an exclusive basis with protected territories according to zip code availability. We offer a free no-obligation 14-day lock-in period of up to 10 zip codes while you review the program. Don't lose out to your competitor see the blue button below to lock-in up to 10 of your local zip codes).

Once you have told us which zip codes you are interested in and filled out the short form, we will gather the information needed to discuss the next steps with you. Having an idea of the size of the market you are after, will help us create and present you with the most cost-effective strategy. 


Find Out More or Get Started: 1-800-690-6864

Visit www.goodnightdentalsleeptherapy.com



Your Turnkey GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ Program


Your package includes everything crucial to launching a successful GoodNight Dental Sleep Therapy™ program. We will put everything together for you and integrate all the pieces that tie into your office workflow. We will be working directly with you to monitor and oversee the success of your program by offering ongoing support and consultation. Your success is our priority.


Total GoodNight to Market Package Price
• GoodNight License
• GoodNight Branded Domain
• GoodNight Marketing Website
• GoodNight Sales Funnel
• Social Advertising
• Interactive Advertising
• Traffic Retargeting
• GoodNight Office Wall Posters
• GoodNight Branded Brochures
• GoodNight Branded Postcards
• GoodNight PROPilot™ Automation
• GoodNight CRM Dashboard
• Outdoor & Office GoodNight signage


-Everything you need to launch your GoodNight program.
-GoodNight License, up to 10 zip codes or 250k max. pop.
-Custom branded domain name and web address
-Custom branded GoodNight marketing website
-Custom Branded GoodNight sales marketing sales funnel
-Custom Facebook & Google ad campaign
-High engagement interactive promotional advertising
-Website tracking for retargeting website visitors on social platforms
-Large 2' X 3' GoodNight office wall posters
-Custom branded office brochures
-Custom branded & targeted postcards
-Marketing and prospecting automation funnels*
-Customer management and communications dashboard
-Professional branded signs for public visibility